Our 12 Step Cleaning Process

Our 12 Step Process
Please note that normally all 12 steps may not be necessary or desirable, lightly soiled carpets and those with little use may only require 10 of the 12 steps.)

    •  We thoroughly inspect and assess your carpets for damage, wear, soiling, staining.  We also determine the makeup of the carpet fibers, and identify the best cleaning solution and sanitizing rinse. After completing a careful report, we review our findings with you, our client.  We advise you of any special conditions, like significant pet stains, or other biologic stains requiring special treatment.  Finally, we let you know exactly what to expect in terms of how things will progress, (ie: noise, movement, etc.),  and a reasonable time estimate until completion.
    • Step Two: Dry extraction, vacuuming, and removing solid particulates like sand, loose dirt, etc.
    • Step Three:Treat stains, odors and other glaring issues, where applicable.
    • Step Four: Pre-spray entire carpet with cleaning solution to break-up embedded soil.
    • Step Five: Agitate and work cleaning solution into the carpet fibers.
    • Step Six: Use encapsulation machine and counter rotating nylon brushes to pull excess hair and insoluble particulates from the carpet, where applicable.
    • Step Seven: Use sanitizing wand to perform rotary extraction on heavily soiled areas, entry ways, and high traffic areas of the carpet, where applicable.
    • Step Eight: Perform full steam extraction on entire carpet with encapsulated wand.
    • Step Nine: Assess results, revisit any problem areas.
    • Step Ten: Setup fans to assist in drying
    • Step Eleven: Groom carpet.
    • Step Twelve: Perform a final inspection together with client, using the pre-inspection checklist as a guide.

And that ends our process.




Having completed these 12 steps, you will find your carpet noticeable cleaner, fresher, and more satisfying in all respects.



Generally, the whole process takes about 1 hour for 2 room, and about 2 - 3 hours for a larger area (3 - 6 rooms, stairs, etc).



Normally, a carpet will not be 100 percent bone dry for 6-8 hours, but it will feel dry to the touch after as little as 90 minutes - weather dependent.



Our normal response at this point is very satisfied clients; however all our work is 100 percent guaranteed.   Our Guarantee is as follows:  If you are not 100 percent satisfied with our service, we will return to revisit some or all of the carpet with some or all of the above steps, as many times as necessary, until you are, in fact, satisfied.   That includes returning to do the job over again, in its entirety, should that be necessary.





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